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  1. Year Zero: A Novel

Parlaying the bones for a spot in the restricted compound, Nathan is put in charge of the Golgotha clones by genius young scientist Miranda Abbot.

Year Zero: A Novel

She and Nathan become lovers and the nemeses of a mad scientist, who, along with Ochs, does fiendish things to clones and plague victims while disrupting the researchers. Long mounts one nearly impossible escape scene after another and doesn't miss a step as he builds a no-win scenario, then pulls it out.

The shifting terrain is vibrantly portrayed, the religious fallout is deftly handled and the characters engage completely as they face a gruesome end to civilization in this dashing, exciting thriller. View Full Version of PW. More By and About This Author.

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  • That became Year Zero, when the aliens reset their entire calendar based on the renaissance triggered by human music. Decades later, these advanced societies now owe so much money in copyright-infringement fines that a few nefarious sects are planning to simply erase the debt by scrubbing us from the solar system.

    Unfortunately for Earth, the hero poised between us and extinction is a not-very-good entertainment lawyer. His name is Nick Carter, and he is alerted to the threat by a pair of conscientious outer-spacians because they mistake him for the guy from Backstreet Boys see sidebar on page 76 — not because of his grasp of copyright law.

    Year Zero: A Novel

    As refined citizens of the universe, the aliens are required to honor the traditions of all artists, and our tradition just happens to be: Pay. If music labels could be persuaded to allow free off-world sharing, it would spare countless life-forms from bankruptcy and prevent our planet from becoming an orbiting cinder.

    Year Zero - review - Rob Reid.