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  2. 2. Dream of Fire and How We Feel
  3. The fire of your dreams is a pellet-burning one | yourFire
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The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho August, Leave us a comment on this episode. Take the Passion Profile Quiz.

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I go through the same thing with everyone in my life, from my childhood best friend to my parents to my aunt. They all are beyond freaked out that I keep turning down the stable income choices they made, and I figure that they just have never felt the same kind of calling towards creating and entrepreneurship that I have, so they used their gifts in the most seemingly realistic way they could to get stable jobs. Plus, she wanted some stability.

She actually complained once about me believing I could do things before evidence validated that I could. I have, three times in life, proven that I could achieve big ambitions by working hard to do so, but she STILL never believes I can or should do anything beyond what she did, which is try to find some stable job related to my gifts and degree, regardless if it sucks.

My father, on the other hand, is a very good writer. They served spaghetti nearly every night. Yet, despite the obvious downfalls of their choices, they expect me to make the same ones. I just have to believe in my vision and my ability to learn how to actualize it. The quotes really encapsulate the struggles an entrepreneur will face, and help soothe the growing pains of building a successful business. An epic response, but a good one! Of course, like I said, there may never be enough evidence to persuade them that alternate realities exist!

I tend to see that people who grew up among a lot of scarcity and the scarcity mindset that goes with it tend to be the most abundant later in life. So maybe this is all turning out in your favor! All throughout high school and college I wanted to work in fashion merchandising, even though I loved to write fiction and was very good.

This is a great thought, Michelle! That goes for people not supporting us, too.

Hopefully this will be another way to help them move beyond what he thinks and continue to pursue what they want, and how they want. Thank you!!

2. Dream of Fire and How We Feel

Hey Karee! As a mom, this was a really eye-opening blog to read.

2. Dream of Fire and How We Feel

I think back to when I experienced this when I was declaring my major. I would have loved it if my parents had done that for me; maybe I would have looked at my career opportunities differently and been more successful! These are good points to remember when we examine the voice of our selves as we pursue our dreams! How can I encourage myself and support myself in my endeavor? Obviously this resonated with me, hence the epic response. Thanks for sharing this.

The fire of your dreams is a pellet-burning one | yourFire

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Rating details. Sort order. Sep 01, Earl Kinsley rated it really liked it. This book has good points and not so good ones.

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I got to the end and realized that the book title made no sense; it really had nothing to do with the plot as far as I could tell. The cover says that it is a love story, which turned out to be so far off the main plot as to be insignificant. And while all of the historical characters are portray very 3 dimensional, I found almost all the fictional characters to be flat.

That said, Mr O'Callaghan does an excellent job of conveying the emotion of a This book has good points and not so good ones. That said, Mr O'Callaghan does an excellent job of conveying the emotion of a people under duress, and presents a very factual account of the harsh Irish War of Independence and brutual Irish Civil War.

The Irish people, and especially the people of West Cork, are shown as a passionate, lively folk, and I am proud to have ancestors from the same stock.