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There's no great way to minimize damage to the relationship when you ask her out. The important thing is that you go though with it in a respectful manner, which does not pressure her to give a particular answer, leaves her the opportunity to gracefully reject you, as well as leaving no ambiguity between you guys. There's going to be ample opportunity for you to try and ask her out. I would advise being fairly forward about it. Make your feelings clear, and see how she reacts. Asking her out in a covert manner, leaves the door open to her misinterpreting your request, and leading to unpleasant complications.

Being honest "I have feelings for you" is better than muddying the waters to no clear outcome "I want to hang out together more".

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  • How to Ask Her Out Without Looking Like a Fool - For Men?

Don't do something like this: I was once part of a group of friends who conspired to create a 1v1 situation between myself and a girl whom I suspected had a crush on me, but I was decidedly not interested in. Imagine my surprise when I show up at the agreed meeting spot, and texts start coming in announcing that all these other people suddenly can't make it. The girl still showed up, and we had a pretty good time.

2 Common Mistakes That Turn Women Off Having Sex With a Guy

However, an awkward moment came at the end where she thought we'd just had this great date , and expected a kiss. I decidedly ignored her hints, which lead to her not speaking to me for a good, long while. You want to avoid any such situations, and be clear as to your intentions. As far as Kyle is concerned: him being on good terms with Penny regarding their break-up does not mean that he'll be on good terms with you for making a move on her.

He'll know that you guys were talking prior to them breaking up, and he'll undoubtedly wonder how much of a role your conversations played in their breaking up. Sign up to join this community.

Sam Smith - Too Good At Goodbyes (Official Video)

The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How do I tactfully ask a close friend out? Ask Question. Asked 1 year, 7 months ago. Active 9 months ago. Viewed 16k times. Context I became friends with a girl named Penny around a year ago when she started dating my good friend Kyle; Penny and I became friends when she became a part of the friend group Kyle and I were a part of. Around three months ago is when I started to develop romantic feelings for her.

Question Given: A good friendship with consistent communication and time spent together Her being the ex of a good friend of mine Little to no indication of whether or not she's interested in a romantic relationship The reasonable risk that asking her out might "weird" her out if the feeling isn't mutual I feel somewhat dishonest not sharing these feelings How can I ask her out in a way that minimizes the risk of making our friendship weird? Additional Clarifications 1. Arthas Arthas 1, 3 3 gold badges 10 10 silver badges 35 35 bronze badges.

Daniel It is a concern of mine which is why included it in the list of "givens". However, given the good terms of their break up, I'd like to think that he'd be adult enough to accept it.

11 Love Lessons Every Mother Should Teach Her Daughter

Or, you could talk to him about it? As a matter of personal experience I can tell you that feels better. Daniel It's something I will definitely talk to him before talking to any other friend. However, I am of the firm opinion that even if I didn't have his blessing that I would still like to ask Penny out.

I understand it might be painful to him which is why it is something that I will discuss with him, but I don't like the idea of him having control over my own potential relationship because of his past. But thank you for bringing up Kyle's feelings in this, because I do want to do my best to have him be happy as well. There's no guarantee that things won't be awkward.

Try saying something like: I really enjoy hanging out with you. Would you like to go on a date? If not that's cool.

Tactic No. 1: Do No Contact

Don't say something like: I have strong feelings towards you. Careful about "if no that's cool". That can easily be misinterpreted the other way, as a lack of interest. I know I would like, I feel there is something between us. But that's cool if no.

Using the Wrong Approach on a Woman Almost Always Leads to a Rejection

How can "If not that's cool" be misinterpreted as a lack of interest if in the preceding sentence they are asking someone out? This worst-case scenario would unfold like so: You wait for too long and catch way too much feelings. The "beautifully romantic date in a secluded spot" is a tricky situation to get out of. Your investment puts high pressure on her. You created a situation where rejection is difficult, awkward and costly for her.

If you drove her there, then you will have to endure all the drive back in total awkward mode. If you start crying because you're too lovesick, remember and she consoles you, she will consume the entire energy of the friendship in doing so, after which it will no longer exist.

Another option is: Rid yourself of the fear of rejection, as it is what will cause you to create the worst case scenario above. Do not fear awkwardness. What you will say when you attempt to initiate the relationship ie, ask her out does not determine if she is attracted to you. Either she is already attracted to you because of looks, personality, and past behavior, or she is not. Asking her out doesn't need some magic formula or anything. Either there is attraction or there isn't.

Asking her out badly can ruin it, but it can't create attraction. Considering your current friendship, pick a low-pressure setting: you're both swiping through your favorite meat market app and showing each other matches and giggling. At the appropriate point, just mention "hey, why don't we date each other instead of doing this? She stays silent and gives you the googly-eyed stare: wait five seconds and laugh it off. If you're lucky, she was actually interested and now asks you out. If you're a daring fellow, you can pile up the negs: "What? I've seen you without makeup, on PMS, when you're drunk, and you haven't scared me off yet You're not pressuring her, remember.

It conveys that you're not being truly serious, thus she won't feel like the friendship is at stake because you'd be angry if she said no. Also it's true. She says no: you laugh it off and go back to browsing.

Don’t Be a Sucka! 9 Ways Women Use Men | MadameNoire

No drama. Not fearing rejection means you don't get butthurt or whiny, and you do not exhibit Nice Guy symptoms. In fact, you exhibit your cellphone, and suggest a threesome with the girl in the picture. Everyone laughs, case closed. And then maybe she thinks about it for a day or two and then she asks you out. I like the content of your answer, but the humor is a little distracting.

Mind trimming it down a bit? Pretty funny, and there's some great advice buried in there. I think you may be taking the "die alone" scenario a little too far, but for all I know it's all there for comedic effect. Generally speaking, your initial breakdown of a super romantic first date is pretty much correct - it creates a high pressure situation that could back-fire badly. You offer some solid alternatives, although some of it comes down to style, and personality which may not match the OP. Steve, if you don't want to destroy the friendship, then you have to accept that if you get rejected, you will have to self-destruct your attempt into comedy where you both laugh and you don't blame her for rejecting you.