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The romance was perfect. Malice and Ruri have such great chemistry, but beyond that I was able to get a sense that these are two people who need each other and work well with one another. I enjoyed watching their relationship slowly grow through the novel. My one gripe about this was how the romance was resolved. It felt a bit rushed in the end and I was hoping for just a little more angst, conversation, and action. But I was still satisfied with where things ended up. The overall plot about the violent Alpha and the world building as a whole really came alive for me.

With some paranormal romances, I can get a bit bored with the villain and exposition, but MacTague did a great job creating a plot and world that drew me in. In the end, I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a great paranormal romance.

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Given that this was written in by a presumably heterosexual cisgender man, I was not expecting a happy ending. So, why did I read it? So, I wanted to see where it came from and it was interesting to see how they adapted the characters. Instead of an old castle, she lives in a dorm room. I also wanted to be more aware and knowledgeable of literature that includes women who are attracted to other women, in relationships with women. Not only did this count towards that, but it is a somewhat well-known part of lesbian novel history no matter how terrible it is for representation.

However, I quickly found myself engaged and interested in the plot and the characters. I actually did enjoy the story and was hoping despite already knowing the ending it would turn out at least semi-okay for the characters in the end. While the stories had the paranormal and the sapphic main characters in common, there was a great variety in paranormal creatures, writing style, and my feelings towards them as well.

I loved the little details, like how the different types of stories comedy, angst, etc. I loved the myth surrounding these sisters, but I still had so many questions — I would love to read a full length novel with them. Other stories took more often used concepts or species, but still had the kind of magic that makes them an easy 5-star read.

I loved that this story had an older love interest, and I loved the description of the pack dynamics as well. Hollis is about a young vampire forever stuck as a teenager who has been adopted by a lesbian vampire couple. On her first hunt, she meets a human girl, and she finds herself wanting to meet her again. I felt like this story ended a little too soon, I would have loved to read more. Vampires and werewolves seemed to be a popular choice for this anthology, and yet each story had some kind of unique spin on it.

Hamlin has a disabled vampire with Ehlers-Danlos syndmore ownvoices!

Overall, I really enjoyed this anthology and I found some true gems in it, but I do wish that the blurb or tags made the sexual content of books clearer. Alexa is a bi ace reviewer who loves books with queer protagonists, especially young adult and fantasy books. E also has a fascination with solarpunk, found families and hopeful futures, and plans to incorporate these in eir own writing. Then, Lucia breaks up with her boyfriend.

Then, she gets back together with her boyfriend.

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Which was even worse. I was gonna—wash his clothes and fix him pies and shit.


He pulled. She bit. The skin gave and his blood flooded her mouth.

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It was cold and thick, knotted like old cough syrup. She swallowed and felt it all the way down her esophagus, cold and heavy. Out in the hallway, she gasped so hard she nearly dropped the tray. The patches of fungus went up the stairs. One for each step Lucia had taken. Seb starts off as comic relief, a FunnyForeigner from Romania.

This is always a fraught trope, and I have mixed feelings about how Kaplan uses it here. Seb puts himself in danger to save Mindy, so he has agency in his own death. That is, however, a quibble. I was immediately intrigued by the premise of this one: vampire sorority sisters? And for the most part, this is exactly the kind of smutty, light read I was looking for. I would say this leans more to the erotica side of things, because there is usually sex every couple of pages.

Contains explicit lesbian content. Day at the Office Two eighteen-year-olds play around with each other when left alone in their parents' office. Contains lesbian content, including light spanking.

Branding Her: Bundle 1, Episodes Audiobook | Alex B Porter |

Blackmailing Diana: Part 1 Diana has been obsessed with her rival, Mia, for years. The two women have a habit of bickering daily. When Mia catches Diana masturbating in the bathroom one day their relationship changes forever, as Mia decides to use that to begin to give her a different sort of attention. Attention, Diana finds, she quite enjoys. Contains explicit lesbian content including bathroom sex, and fingering.

Blackmailing Diana: Part 2 In part two of the story, Diana grows more comfortable with Mia, but now her blackmailer wants to stop. R 97 min Action, Horror, Mystery. A reporter wakes up in a morgue and finds herself a member of the undead, before vowing revenge against the sect which put her there. Unrated 89 min Drama, Horror. An erotic horror tale about a vixen vampiress seducing and killing women to appease her insatiable thirst for female blood. Votes: 3, Not Rated 76 min Horror.

Deep in the rural English countryside, two tempting daughters of Erebus, the woeful wraith-like phantoms Fran and Miriam, prey on the innocent and the foolishly brave to tread alone. R 82 min Horror. Newlywed Susan is haunted by visions of Mircalla Karnstein, a centuries-old bride who murdered her husband on their wedding night. Votes: 1, X 87 min Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi.

Lesbian Fiction

A young couple discover a diary from In it, an incredible tale is told about a female mad doctor named Fallatingstein who used her skills to create an artificial life form: a hunky would-be sex slave named Frank. Not Rated 99 min Fantasy, Horror, Mystery. Depicts the intense and fractured relationship between a lonely teenager and a beautiful stranger.