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Course is limited. Application to enroll is by invitation only; deadline noon, Friday, October The course explores the fundamentals of effective written legal Although numbers and empirical analysis now pervade many fields of law, most lawyers have few skills in presenting or interpreting data or quantitative arguments. This course develops those skills. Fischer R. Fordon K.

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Gerson J. Kruger E. This course is designed to provide students with the research skills needed in the practice of law.

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The Advanced Real Estate Transactions course examines the principal business and legal issues arising in each phase of typical real estate investment and development transactions. The course starts Chung A. Khan J. Park P. This is an introductory contracts law course that adds a practical perspective to a traditional first-year Contracts course.

This course is open only to LL. Students will cover the Abrams D. Birnholz J. Light C. During the semester, students This course will help prepare students for responsible leadership and service in the many roles that lawyers perform both in and out of legal practice, and in their roles as social change agents Traditional first-year civil procedure courses provide students with a basic legal orientation necessary to understand civil litigation. But much of what determines outcomes in the American civil This course examines U. The course is an introduction to main topics in contract law, including issues of formation, enforceability, defenses, The course has both a practical and conceptual side.


On the practical side, it covers the core substantive areas of compliance in financial institutions: these include the Foreign Corrupt Practices As lawyers and citizens, we mostly are This course offers a fresh way to introduce students to philosophy of law. No previous study of philosophy is required. This course explores the fundamentals of real estate finance, investment and development. Students will learn the financial concepts and quantitative tools necessary for successful real estate Given global markets and the ease at which patented inventions, trademark-protected goodwill, and copyright-protected works cross borders, intellectual property infringement litigation increasingly This is a course about Restitution and Unjust enrichment, the body of law concerned with the recovery of gains that a party is not entitled to.

It has immense practical value, offering an alternative Most lawyers will work, at some point in their careers, in a small or medium-sized law firm. For many law students, their first job will be with such a firm. Students in this course will acquire the Gordon K. Students explore the practice of law from the perspective of their personal approach to life and the values that matter to them most, as well as examine the oft-inherent conflict between the practice Whether our goal is to convince one person in a face-to-face encounter, influence a group, sway an entire organization, or win over the public, persuasion lies at the heart of our personal and This course provides a general introduction to death penalty law and practice in the United States.

We will explore the constitutional and legal structure of capital punishment i. This course, which is open to students who are currently enrolled in Immigration Law or who have taken Immigration Law or a comparable course in a prior semester, is focused on providing a more This course will examine sports law in an international and comparative context. We will study the ways in which public, quasi-public, and private regulation have interacted, often ineffectively and The objective of this course is to provide new lawyers with the accounting and financial skills required to better serve their clients.

Students will gain qualitative and quantitative aptitude in the This course introduces the regulatory regime that governs the broadcast radio, broadcast television, cable television, wireline telephone, wireless telephone, and Internet industries. This course examines how society manages-—or fails to manage-—environmental issues that fall beyond the authority or capability of one national government.

Class sessions will be divided roughly This course uses the cannabis legalization movement as a lens through which to examine the complex and evolving relationship between the government of the United States and its various states, to The Resnick Center recognizes the important role of food law In coming decades, nearly all of the growth in global pollution emissions is expected to come from developing countries.

For example, more than 90 percent of carbon dioxide emissions between This 3-unit course, taught by a professor from Anderson School of Management, focuses on important aspects of starting a new business enterprise with emphasis on the challenges faced by an The aim of this course is to provide law school students with a strong foundation in corporate finance so that they can be better lawyers.

The course will explore the following themes: securities This course reinforces and enhances students existing Spanish communication skills in legal practice. The class will cover a broad range of legal contexts, while building students practical legal This course will focus on doctrine, policy, and practice relating to the class action as a device for resolving claims by multiple parties arising from a common set of facts or events.

Topics covered This course will look at civil procedure through the eyes of a judge. Do federal and state rules of civil procedure as they exist serve the goals of the litigation process? Or do they retard This course will analyze the major challenges of Constitutionalism and the Rule of Law at a global level.

The contribution of constitutions, constitutional litigation and constitutional rights to the The purpose of the course is to give students an introduction to the field of the international Law of the Sea.

The course focuses on the contemporary legal regime governing maritime relations, The course will provide an overview of the broad range of legal issues related to the growing international and domestic problem of human trafficking. Conservative estimates are that around a The course will provide students, from the perspective of one who has been deeply involved in the legal developments under study, a unique view of key aspects of the evolving law and practice of This course considers whether and to what extent international human rights law applies to the actions of states outside their sovereign territories.

And what it requires of states insofar as it does Forty years ago, China was one of the most isolated countries in the world. Today, it is a major player in international affairs, the leading exporter in a globalized trade regime, and an Goodman C. Merrill P. This course is designed to prepare the foreign lawyer for American legal study. It is required for any LL. The course provides The class provides an introduction to American Constitutional Law in its historical, social, and political context.

It surveys the U. Supreme Court's This course covers specialized, advanced issues of current interest to transactional lawyers in the motion picture and television industries. The topics change from year to year. In spring , Most Americans believe that privacy is under siege, yet they would find it difficult to define what This course will examine the challenges posed to legal arrangements and institutions of government by certain societal trends — principally related to technological advance and environmental stress — This course will investigate the legal and policy implications of current topics in criminal law and procedure.

Past topics have included civil asset forfeiture, opioid abuse, marijuana legalization, This seminar and workshop allows students to explore topics introduced in the basic corporate law and securities regulation classes in greater depth. It does so through a combination of course Requirements: four brief response papers and one research paper This seminar will will look at the changing nature of the employment relationship and its implications for labor and employment This seminar explores the legal, moral, and political dimensions of climate change policy in relation to Indigenous peoples.

Within the United States, federally-recognized Indian tribes are Netanel D.

Social media both underwrite a golden age of free speech and threaten to undermine democracy. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media bring unprecedented opportunities for Health care is at the center of many of the most important and controversial policy issues in the U. This colloquium provides participants with an opportunity to learn about cutting-edge research This seminar examines the increasing powerful theory and practice of "running government like a business.

This seminar revisits the foundations of American Property law by examining its precepts and some seminal cases in the contexts of conquest and gentrification.

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  4. More specifically, it explores the Lichtman K. This seminar is designed to allow students to delve deeply into current issues and controversies in patent law. A growing body of evidence suggests that high levels of housing segregation in the U. Students in this seminar will study the past and present legal systems of Native American tribal nations. There will be detailed examination of several different tribal systems, such as Navajo, In this seminar, we will explore the philosophical basis for the distinction that we draw between adults and juveniles.

    Our focus will be on this distinction in the criminal law context. Why treat This course introduces students to philosophical questions that arise when trying to explain and justify the laws that empower individuals to make legally enforceable contracts, as well as the laws By its terms, the Low-wage work is widely seen as both the cause of poverty in the United States and the solution to it and other social ills.

    It is structured by a changing labor market, a globalizing economy, Blasi S. Cummings I.

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    Eagly V. Narro J.

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    Schwartz R. This seminar focuses on public interest lawyering through a close analysis of case studies and the discussion of recurring issues in public interest practice. In this course, students explore social Tax policy is at the heart of many of the most important public policy issues that we face in our society. How should we allocate the cost of government? Should the tax code be used to influence This yearlong research and writing seminar gives students the opportunity to contribute to cutting-edge scholarship in the areas of entertainment, media, and intellectual property law, with a To do so, the Workshop will require students on a daily basis to train in order to improve the This seminar introduces students to the field of Islamic law.

    This seminar will explore contemporary controversies about, and the actual practice of, constitutional interpretation, with a non-exclusive focus on the Supreme Court of the United States.

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    Among the Greenberg S. Munzer L. Sager S.