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  1. Thoughts on the final off-day before the All-Star break
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Plus the Yankees are loaded with outfielders. The Pirates would say no because they could get more.

Thoughts on the final off-day before the All-Star break

Austin asks: With the addition of Robertson and Kahnle, will the Yankees finally give Warren a look in the rotation? Surely he has more value there than as a 5th option out of the pen. The Yankees have never seemed all that eager to put Adam Warren in the rotation. Even in , when he made 17 starts 3.

He could give you what, maybe 50 pitches his first time out? I think the chances of Warren out-pitching Bryan Mitchell , Luis Cessa , and Chance Adams the rest of the season as a starting pitcher are pretty darn good. Adam asks: What are the chances we use Betances as trade bait now that we added two strong options? Probably more likely if the Yankees continue to spiral down. The more great relievers, the better. That said, having Robertson and Kahnle around makes it easier to part with Betances in a trade. The Yankees always listen to offers for everyone. Every team does. Maybe this is something that happens in the offseason rather than at the deadline?

Paul asks: What has changed in the last few years that has teams open to trading highly rated prospects again? A few years ago, there was extreme prospect hugging going on. Teams were definitely much more reluctant to trade their prospects a few years ago. Just eyeballing the rest of the list, I count 22 top prospects who have been traded at some point. I think two things are happening here.

A Church in Crisis (Documentary)

Like the Indians last year, for example. More teams are rebuilding, meaning fewer teams are in contention, so those teams in contention are willing to trade their prospects to rebuilding teams to improve their chances. Later tonight nominal fourth outfielder Aaron Hicks will start a minor league rehab assignment with Triple-A Scranton. Oblique injuries are really tricky. And because Hicks is a switch-hitter, he and the Yankees had to be extra careful during his recovery and rehab. Prior to the injury the year-old Hicks was enjoying a breakout season, a breakout season that had him in the All-Star Game conversation.

He hit.


He was awesome. Since Hicks got hurt, a whole lot has changed. The Yankees lost for the seventh time in nine games to blow their division lead the day Hicks got hurt. Now the Yankees have won seven of their last nine games to climb back in the AL East race. Simply put, when Hicks got hurt, the Yankees were trending down and it was not pretty. Hicks is returning to a much better and more formidable team.

The plan might be to have him rejoin the team next Friday at the start of the next homestand. That would give him eight days worth of minor league games. Whenever Hicks is ready to come back, the Yankees will have to make some roster decisions. If Clint goes down, we riot. At the moment the Yankees are carrying a three-man bench with a backup catcher Austin Romine , a backup infielder Tyler Wade , and a backup outfielder Ellsbury. Does that mean Jordan Montgomery to Triple-A? Garcia to the bullpen?

Both are possible. The easiest way to open a roster spot for Hicks would be sending down that 13th pitcher whoever it is and getting back to a normal four-man bench. As much as you may want them to, the Yankees are absolutely not going to release Ellsbury this year. At the very least, the Yankees are going to wait until the offseason to see whether they can unload him in a salary dump trade first.

The other option, which Brian Cashman has floated, is sending down Frazier. Man, if that happens, I will be Mad Online. Frazier has been productive and the Yankees are in it to win it now. Remember, once upon a time the Nationals said they were calling up Bryce Harper only temporarily. Then he hit the snot out of the ball for a few weeks and they had to keep him around.

The Yankees may have planned to send Frazier down when Hicks is ready, but plans have to be flexible. Plans change.

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Reevaluate the roster situation at that time to figure out the best outfield alignment. So, as things standing right now, the best way to get Hicks back onto the roster is to send down that 13th pitcher, likely either Montgomery or Chasen Shreve. No one else is going down. The other options are release Ellsbury nope or send down Frazier please no. An injury could change things — Matt Holliday back on the disabled list with his mystery illness? This interests me much more than opening a roster spot. Hicks was out of this world before the injury, and because of that, he belongs in the lineup once he gets healthy.

So does Frazier.


So does Brett Gardner and Aaron Judge. I know Judge has slumped since the All-Star break, but does anyone actually want him out of the lineup? No way. He could snap out of it at any moment. No one busts out of a slump sitting on the bench. As it stands the Yankees have four outfielders who deserve to play everyday Hicks, Frazier, Gardner, Judge and a fifth outfielder on the 29th richest contract in baseball history.

Yankees looking for bullpen help

It needed to happen. The right move?

  1. Thoughts on the final off-day before the All-Star break!
  2. Words-words Words 09!
  3. Padres have asked about Torres.
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  5. An awkward situation? Four outfielders who deserve to play means the return of the outfield rotation, I assume. Gardner will sit against lefties and I guess Frazier and Judge will take turns sitting against tough righties. Hicks will get days off here and there as well. Ellsbury will have to be limited to pinch-runner and spot start duty. The wildcard here is the DH spot. Holliday has been pretty terrible for weeks now. The best case scenario is having too many good players. And they want Ellsbury to mash too.

    The more good players, the better. Take the depth and the production and enjoy it while it lasts. None of the three current outfielders deserve to be taken out of the lineup, yet Hicks played too well before his injury to go to the bench. The Yankees have to play him to see whether that was for real. Early season Hicks was the best non-Judge hitter on the team, remember. Tonight will only be his first rehab game after more than a month on the shelf.

    A lot could change between now and the time Hicks is ready to be activated. Someone could get hurt, Frazier could play his way down to Triple-A, someone could get traded … who knows? Hopefully the Yankees have to make some tough decisions when Hicks returns. Big mailbag this week. Eighteen questions and 17 answers. This might be our biggest mailbag ever.

    Words-words Words 09 | Deforestación | Explotación forestal

    Lots and lots of people asked about the international bonus pool money trades and whether they mean the Yankees will go after Shohei Otani this offseason. I wrote about that earlier this week. Anyway, RABmailbag at gmail dot com is the mailbag email address.

    Who is his primary competition anyway? Zimmer has only done it for half the year while Judge has been up all season. Also, Judge this year has been better than Fulmer last year, and Sanchez last year was better than Zimmer this year, so yeah. His defense is too good. Artie asks: If the Yanks send Frazier down and recall him in September when rosters expand, can he still be on the post-season roster provided they get there?

    And if so, who does he bump from the roster?